Presentations and Lectures by Media Rez CEO Daniel Greenberg (partial list):

2019: Game Developer's Conference: 
Games for Health: 
Doing Well by Doing Fun Roundtable (Presented by IGDA)

2018: Mixed/Augmented/Virtual Reality Innovation Conference (MAVRIC): "Evidence-Based VR Therapy, The Surprising Role of Narrative and Play"  

2018 Games for Change XR Neuroscience Brain Jam 

2017: Serious Play Conference, George Mason University "You Can't Be Serious"

2016: Virginia Summer Institute for Addiction Studies Conference: "Relapse prevention using games"

2015: Keynote Speaker, NATO eLearning Summit: "An Environment Rich In Motives" 

2015: American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Conference: “A Video Game Therapeutic Intervention for Youth: Demonstration of Recovery Warrior”

2015: Game Developers Conference: "Gaming the Laws of War: Can Real Consequences Mean Real Fun?"

2014: SFN Neuroscience Conference: "Social Issues Roundtable: The Neuroscience of Gaming"

2014: International Committee of the Red Cross: “Targeting the Laws of War with Video Games”

2014: Game Developers Conference: "Evocative Storytelling: Write Less, Reveal More."

2013: The Science Coalition Roundtable on the state of science and technology

2013: The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy - “Roundtable on Innovations in Games – Better Health and Health Care.”

2012: CDC - Centers for Disease Control: "Gaming Your System" 

2011: CER Summit on Cardiovascular Disease "Roundtable on Behavioral Approaches to Incentivize Patients"

2011 mHealth Summit (Foundation for the National Institutes of Health) "Gamifying the System: Using the Best of Game Technology to Instruct, Inspire, and Change Behavior."


The 10th edition of McGraw Hill's textbook Read, Reason, Write (Dorothy Seyler) features an article by Media Rez president Daniel Greenberg on Virtual Violence, as originally published in The Washington Post, October 31, 2010.