What is Media Rez?

Media Rez is a full-service software and game development studio in the heart of Washington, DC.

We bring together top professionals from the fields of research, game design, software engineering, computer graphics, animation, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and more. Our goal is to harness the power of interactivity to support behavior change in health and learning. All our titles are created in conjunction with leading researchers and tested for effectiveness by leading researchers from George Washington University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Chicago, and Harvard University.

Our team has extensive credits making award-winning, high selling educational and entertainment software on computers, game consoles, virtual reality headsets, and portable devices. We are harnessing the power of games and social media to empower people to make needed changes for physical and emotional health.

 People want to be healthy, but behavior change can be difficult and frustrating. Media Rez creates tools that help people engage with their own health, customize their own interventions and enjoy the process of changing their health and behavior for the better. 

Media Rez is the intersection of science and game design.